Ultimate Canadian Century

Intro - Michael Comeau and Capital Vault Incorporated

I am going to write about this from my point of view...
in the awesome month of May 2017

I am the founder and CEO of Capital Vault Incorporated. This started as an idea dedicated to dynamic capital and enterprise solutions with a Made in Canada focus. My initial interest was in private enterprise, private investing in general and strategic enterprise development. What I discovered may years ago is that the resources, capabilities, capital and opportunities of what I valued and was interested in Canada was practically non-existent.

In fact what I learned about the financial industry, stock markets, enterprise development and even private equity and venture capital was shocking. In Canada, we were at a serious disadvantage and it did not look like it was going to change any time quick. There was nobody with any real vision, not nation building vision, not enterprise development vision, no industrial base development policy or vision, certainly no defence technology industrial base vision, there was and still is “The war against the family”, there was and still is government sponsored treason, crime and genocide going on against nation state sovereignty, industry, community, family and the individual, and selling out the country with all kinds of things contrary to the founding people of Canada, our true values and Made in Canada.

Many books could be written about all the wrong things, but here, my aim is to focus on good things, productive, possible, relevant, visionary, awesome, new wealth creation, abundance, prosperity and opportunity and the tools, resources, capabilities, capital and people that can make things happen in a good way.

The individual entrepreneur could always work with energized optimism, with heart and soul, but there was something missing, in a really big way that could have made a massive national economic, enterprise and industrial transformation. Of course I learned the establishment was not so smart after all, except to control, restrict, limit, censor, monopolize and generally make life difficult for those creative and industrious individuals who desired to build a better future, an alternate reality.

As a result, this endeavour and a custom made portfolio was developed. I wanted it to be better than anything out there, and it is in so many ways. It’s not likely you will ever hear about it or read about it on mainstream news, as many people would realize the crime and stupidity of the status quo, that what exists in the mainstream is not really working, on so many levels, and in fact, looking at the evidence and track record, contrary to nation state sovereignty, free enterprise and economic nationalism, in addition to a solid defence technology and successful industrial and enterprise Made in Canada capability.

On the bright side, what is more remarkable than a custom made portfolio, is the capacity of financial and non-financial investing, development and acquisition, buying groups, private investment, general and strategic enterprise development that we really need in Canada, and especially the tools, resources and capabilities to launch and develop enterprise, technology, programs, projects, products and services in ways that have solid strategic, operational and tactical advantage over anything out there. So, yes, I look at it as a war operation, there was and is a war against my country. In a war, knowing who the enemy is, speed, power, stealth and capabilities are all essential in any campaign.

We can go forward with opportunity and possibility and invent ways where things like to happen, in an environment that is geared to that kind of future we envision. There is much more than that, and here with Capital Vault Incorporated you can explore and discover amazing things that can be utilized for your advantage, whether you can only contribute a little or a lot, time, materials, resources, promotion, brilliant ideas, work or anything else, there are more incredible ways to be involved and make a difference. This is about new wealth generation. It is private membership primarily for our national economic and industrial vitality.

Capital Vault Incorporated offers amazing and awesome options with the CVIx Continuum for enterprise development that exceeds the typical stock market capabilities, and also the CVIx Advanced Projects, which has an awesome portfolio of companies, technology, products, services, programs and projects that can revitalize and transform the national renaissance and create an alternate reality that is a lot more interesting than anything around.

My mission is super-charged with passion and dedication to this noble cause, investing over 10,000 hours in this endeavour, amplified with an energy to do, to be, to experience and to achieve the most exciting and challenging mission imaginable! The mission is to redevelop and rebuild the industrial base of Canada, Made in Canada and Product of Canada. This includes more successful private enterprise, being more organized with tools, resources, capabilities and capital.

I know that there is a lot to read here, but it does require organization, detail, understanding and awareness. It is made so that anyone can have their own self-managed portfolio and explore the national dream reloaded without limits, at their own speed with what interests them the most, and, if anything more is required or desired, that also can be added. Remember, it is Made in Canada and Product of Canada, it is a national industrial and economic enterprise, we are here to do and achieve certain specific things and it is important that we each know what that is, and with Capital Vault Incorporated, more exciting and awesome things are possible

The main idea is,
“Live the greatest adventure of all time.” This is something everyone could have in their life, pure adventure, living the dream. We all need revenue, we can create revenue by producing new wealth, enterprise, products, services, value, technology and opportunity. Of course, there are problems here and there. My problem solving characteristics, strategic thinking and industrious work ethic is always under refinement in the crucible of the super-heated furnace of real world complex environments. This extremely valuable and effective skill has been focused with an intense resolution, that has contributed to enable this dynamic vision and unparalleled magnitude of challenge and opportunity that exists now. I am that individual, like many others, who honestly applied myself to figure out exactly what I could do for my country.

I would like to create a society and an environment that is directed and geared to support the individual, the entrepreneur and those who seek to build an enterprise. This requires dynamic capital and enterprise solutions that have real power and are built for the long term, based on a solid nation building foundation for the future.

Why is nation building important and how can we make progress? Nation building is extremely important, it is fundamental to national sovereignty which is extremely important. Thoughtful economic nationalism is essential, one that is revitalized with a super power of vision, unity, energy and purpose. Providing an environment for individuals and families to succeed enables, augments and amplifies that revitalizing capability. This fortifies and builds upon the capacity of the enterprise to add value, create new wealth and opportunity, one that provides challenge and reward, one that offers hope, projects optimism and confidence in creating the future, the alternate reality that we can have by choice.

Creating the future takes work and vision, we can start with the basic idea of the quality of life. This is the ability to be, to do or make, to acquire, to achieve or to succeed at what we envision and desire. This includes private enterprise and more Made in Canada and Product of Canada. This creates opportunity of considerable magnitude, one that creates jobs, careers, business and enterprise options, wealth, productivity, prosperity, abundance and yes, happiness. Happiness is fulfillment, everyday satisfaction.

For the individual, a confident future based on solid infrastructure and economic industrial environment, can empower more decisions and actions toward the future that is envisioned. This can include marriage, family, education, community and even greater confidence with functional peace, order and good government.

Right now, I can choose to focus and work with all those things I value, my true values. Any individual can do the same thing. At the same time, the resources, tools, capabilities and capital for the mission, the dynamic infrastructure and organization that can stockpile and deploy resources are available. These are the very enterprise and capital solutions required to transform the present reality into the future envisioned.

I understand that people need easier, faster, simple yet comprehensive capabilities to be organized, something they can relate to, something relevant, really practical, powerful, exciting and awesome, something they can have confidence in. This includes the chance to go forward and make progress in every way imaginable.

I learned what many others already know, that problems are temporary and they could be solved, and that there are valuable things to learn and grow because of problems. I learned that I can go beyond problem solving and choose to build or create something new. I know that is where the action is and that anyone could also do the same, create something new.

Programs, projects, tools, resources, capabilities and vision are all essential in this endeavour to build something new, to create the future, an alternate reality. So as a result this endeavour offers private membership opportunities and also to be part of a mutually beneficial and successful network of people.

I envision something awesome, with an outlook focused on personal, professional, enterprise and economic development and transformation, it is based on spiritual qualities and characteristics, true values, solid principles that work and a mixture of traditional and futuristic state of the art for an advanced civilization, the national renaissance.

I envision the national dream reloaded, a national renaissance and the awesome super structure of organization that can be configured for something small and simple, to the completely grand and complex, involving one or tens of thousands of people, or even more. This would be real adventure, for the individual, people working together and the many citizens who could be involved in one way or another.

What might this kind of adventure feel like? Confident, optimistic, constructive, exciting, bold, everyday active life, something filled with hope and promise. The feeling of challenge and reward, the thrill of a more interesting quality of life, a really great feeling, adventure for the heart and soul, something awesome, satisfying and excellent.

It is possible to do or experience something that feels larger than life, something epic? If there is something that changes the way I feel, think, focus, plan and direct my energies and resources in ways that I may have never thought or believed possible, that would be something, it would be more adventure. I welcome possibility thinking, going beyond dreams, plans and wishful thinking, into the bold wide open world of destiny, purpose and a pro-active life to get me there, with life transforming pro-active creative imagination. Anyone can transform their life with a plan, action and resources to get there, awesome possibilities exist with courage and letting go of the fear of the unknown, the past, the present and stepping forward, creating the future with action, both tangible and intangible.

I believe in and promote true values, integrity, solid communication and strategic capabilities for successful long term personal, professional and enterprise success. This is easier said than done, misunderstandings are easy and often times completely unpredictable. It takes effort to think, to do, to express, to make sure and yet we may be confronted with something we could have never guessed, thought of, imagined or envisioned. For some, the slightest infraction is the end of the world, things get blown out of proportion, everyone’s perspective and perception, their experiences, values and reaction to problems are different. People can get bogged down in legalese, technicalities, differences of understanding, they can easily forget to focus on the main thing, and that is understandable.

So, what do we do? We can be general or become more comprehensive, more complete, more accurate, more descriptive, maybe more understanding, yet the fact remains, we need to work and get things done, make progress. Or we can do a whole lot of nothing, as in “when good people do nothing, things only get worse”. Now when it comes to enterprise, a charter, a business plan, a vision is essential. This can be expanded upon in much greater detail.

With investing of any type, public, private, government, financial and non-financial, we go beyond that, capital structure, securities, jurisdiction, type of entity, the prospectus, executive summary and so on, it takes work, a lot of though, and yet the opportunity to go forward and make progress remains for the bold, courageous and visionary, for people that like to get involved, to be in on the action, to make a difference any way we can.

This includes writing, speaking, presenting and organizing, plus much more, the real sacrifice of the individual, the make it happen individual. So, if we have more people up to speed, aware, confident, aligned and enthusiastic, we can also have a greater degree of involvement according the capacity of each individual and work to build great things together. That’s the theory anyway. Many hands make light work, still requires someone interested, willing and able, even if it is just a little bit. Of course the individual resolution to succeed is essential and the ability to overcome resistance and invent the future is also priceless. With this endeavour, greater resources, tools and capabilities for the dynamic enterprise and capital solutions are something that can energize possibilities and transform reality in a way that benefits everyone.

Making progress means taking the time, thinking it through, expressing and enabling that in the best way possible and working actively in the direction of choice. This includes continuous improvement and looking at this project as a work in process. Knowing that problems are opportunities beneficial for learning, growth and progress is transformed in increasing awareness. This can create a much bigger and complex picture that can be simplified into a really down to earth vision.

With a vision, awesome potential is possible with a practical, pro-active strategic plan geared to strong industry and economic endeavours, that is relevant and tangible for an everyday quality of life. To envision a quality of life with perspective, perception, awareness, focus, resources and energy, life can be transformed in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye, from everything it is, to everything envisioned, with purpose and destiny.

Now, we can go forward and make progress. This work is currently under review and revision. I hope to simplify it, condense the most relevant ideas, yet allow a greater expansion of thought, understanding, ideas and ideals. I hope to get to the point and not get bogged down, yet express those things essential to our work, things you might need to know, or like to know, background, stories, including once upon a time so you can understand why and why not.

Also, it is possible to expose the reality of the current situation and historical events and present status quo, as the urgency of the national economic and industrial landscape has only grown, and people have not learned yet the incredible power of choice they have that can create an alternate reality, a really awesome future in Canada that is possible. After all, once upon a time we had 95% Made in Canada, and now it is 95% made somewhere else, and our rogue government agents are committed to more genocide and treason and even
more not “Made in Canada”.

I would really like to have more people involved that can transform this idea and enterprise into something that really is an asset to the private members who choose to be involved in the incredible work of the national renaissance.

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