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It’s true - Canadian eh!

Order CVI Membership & CVI-OS 1.0 :

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Private Member Agreement (PMA-1.pdf). Brochure: CVI_Promotion_5.0E.pdf

Order Options: more fantastic news for pro-active people!
1) a credit card is not required; (privacy, security and convenience with no risk - hurray ! )

2) You can download and print pdf forms, complete & mail to us; (that’s easy !)

3) You can request us to mail the printed forms (smart and easy, if you do not have a printer or ink ! See
Contact or Contact Capital Vault)

4) Payments can be made with a cheque, Canada Post money order or a financial institution money order or draft.

5) You may be able to send an email payment if you do online banking, contact us for details.

6) Depending on the Order options, some pdf downloads are available as you desire to save, print and complete.

7) All files and some files are available only through the intel package, printed, organized and postage, sent to you (very practical and complete and requires no computer, no encryption, email, cookies, spies or anything, only real mail !)

8) Some types of membership intel package may require a Confidentiality Agreement.

9) Online access to pdf files may not always be available online (your personalized copy is perfect)

10) Other communication options such as VPN (virtual private network), email encryption etc. are options.