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Explore Options - Questions to ask and answer only to yourself.

Probably no one has ever asked you these questions before, maybe not even yourself, and certainly not someone who promotes austerity, trade deals, globalization or something like that. This is being better organized, but try it yourself. You don't need to share the answers with just anyone. As a warning, you may get angry, annoyed or intrigued with these questions, or you may feel confident, secure with a sense of control because you have and, or will make good decisions that work for you.

● How much do you believe your wealth, abundance and opportunity is related to your mindset, beliefs and opportunities? Are there any limitations or evidence of amplification that allows you to believe in some way? Are there elements that affect your degree of control and ability to be the master of your destiny?

Resources & Capabilities : are you interested to :
● Optimize resources and capabilities with a super-charged engine and operating system to fulfill your true purpose, achieve goals, succeed in challenging projects and enjoy a rewarding quality of life that is fulfilling, thrilling and awesome and in every way what you were born for.

● Explore and discover relevant options to make better decisions aligned with your values, ideals and goals to generate long term prosperity, achievement and happiness.

● Experience everyday life with more purpose, enthusiasm, confidence, courage, focused plans and action to express the best of who you are, learn, grow, excel and feel really alive.

● Focus on solutions with a wealth of knowledge, capabilities, resources and environment to build an alternate reality and energize the national renaissance.

● Optimize exclusive private member options, maximize powerful new wealth creation with secure asset management and protection to build an awesome portfolio.

Do your Experiences enable or have:
● Boldness, audacity, confidence, a new pulse pounding reality with heart and soul, with energetic vitality, adventure, creative time, action oriented and intrigue everyday.

● An environment that helps develop your awesome potential to experience a whole new level of being, doing and achieving with greater success, happiness and reward.

● A Benefit from maximum pro-active strategy to create jobs, careers, revenue streams, enhanced saving and spending power with exciting local, regional and national opportunities.

● Increase your perspective and contrast with the national renaissance vision, pro-active strategy with a unified sense of direction and optimistic network of people.

● Capacity to work with resources, people, opportunities, technology, infrastructure and markets with awesome strategic advantage and vision in exciting and powerful ways.

● Enjoyment in a refreshing, positive, encouraging environment that values and appreciates you, your perspective, experiences, perception and involvement.

● Utilize dynamic options that present an alternate reality, the future, today as a better quality of life and a range of options to have the life you envision.

● Participation in projects, endeavours or initiatives in your community with confidence, trust, hope and a chance to enjoy life more, make friends, progress and develop greater focused action to generate valuable experiences and results.

● Advantage to advance with an invincible constructive and optimistic actions, ambitious life purpose that inspires, motivates, excites and energizes you to achieve your greatest dreams.

● Create or benefit from an environment and resources, master your destiny, increase self-sufficiency, awareness, productive habits and a life of super-achievement, independence, learning, growth, development and success as a person and ability to make a difference.

Counter-measures for stock market, currency risks and other hazards
● Are you concerned about debt, devalued currency, currency wars, inflation, insane derivative stock market gambling that generates extreme risk to the financial system and institutions and how this does and can effect your life?

● Are your concerned about economic aggression, cyber attack and cyber crime, spying and theft of corporate and personal secrets and financial resources? Do you know how to recognize financial weapons of mass destruction?

● Find out how to avoid stock market disasters, meltdown, liabilities, risks, short sighted pump and dump stock market moves, liquidity and high PE traps, or even companies you can't relate to, don't understand or are not aligned with your values, ideals or vision.

● Utilize strategic enterprise development to build, manage and control assets, counter foreign sovereign funds and multi-national problems, economic and currency warfare and other fraudulent and hazardous maneuvers to ensure a custom made alternate reality.

● Find out what to do about the 95% of stuff in stores that is not Made in Canada, what the real cost is to our society and incredibly power action plans for more Made in Canada.

● Avoid risky high frequency trading (HFT), bogus market manipulation and massive liquidation of portfolio value by out of control computers rigged to run the show. (HFT generates 50 to 70% of stock market activity and creates zero jobs and no new value and is essentially an automated dedicated electronic pick pocket, a merciless zero conscience pro.)

● Find out how to avoid stock market traps that are like high risk gambling casino for addicts, careless money to burn options, very short term outlook, uncaring and unethical attitudes, purposeless and lacking in vision, risky financial instruments and actions.

Wealth generation and management - are you interested in :
● Solid and secure practical opportunities that offer ultra safe, low risk, inflation resistant, high yield, awesome capital structure options, growth, capital appreciation, excellent revenue stream characteristics and dynamic enterprise, personnel, asset and resource management.

● Capacity to acquire or deploy capital, development and acquisition, business and investment options to build secure wealth, industry capabilities and enterprise development with an awesome parallel universe of capital structure and entities at your command.

● Agility to employ practical solutions to secure your options, create high yield revenue streams and position yourself for long term prosperity and opportunity with multiple capital types, time and non-financial contributions.

● Adjusting your personal debt to income ratio favourably. Reduce credit requirements to manage financially. Employ powerful and practical options to save money, generate greater revenue streams for the immediate and long term and greater investment and buying power.

● Exciting freedom of choice with custom made non-investment options such as business, development and acquisition, a new job or career or additional income streams, that offer full or part time work, challenging and rewarding experiences with a vision you can relate to.

● Access to and benefit from pro-active higher powered opportunities that are visionary, practical, powerful and vastly improve your perspective and belief about what is possible.

● Capitalize on your freedom of choice, focus resources with confidence and trust to multiply productivity, abundance, prosperity and opportunity in a dynamic economic operating system.

● Learning how your thoughts, opinion, beliefs, values and priorities can affect your decisions. Challenge yourself to grow, focus and be more effective easily and naturally.

● How to utilize an integrated buying group to promote entrepreneurs and enterprise for development and acquisition of new products, technology and opportunities unavailable anywhere else.

● Build strategic alliances and business options to promote and generate greater wealth, boost productivity, enhance enterprise, community and customer value, expanded and more open opportunities with thrilling options and a bright future.

● Eliminate employee liabilities and risks, optimize resource and enterprise development with working share owner, profit sharing and integrated business units to multiply value, build long term relationships and winning combinations that produce wealth, prosperity, trust, loyalty and solid revenues.

● Capitalize on Made in Canada manufacturing direct, wholesale buying groups with more freedom of choice, save money, generate revenue streams, acquire high quality goods and services and create greater wealth, productivity and opportunity.

● Utilize powerful portfolio strategies, organization and capabilities in owning, control, management, deployment, revenue stream, voting, privacy and asset protection that is to mutual benefit of the participating members.

● Find out the secrets of voting stock, proxy, investment groups, jurisdictions, entities and more. Find out how to avoid electronic only securities registration vulnerabilities at risk to potential elements beyond anyone's control and secure your present and future assets.

● Direct more resources towards entrepreneurs, enterprise, commercial and consumer markets for infrastructure, new job creation, innovation, investment, wealth generation, transformation and amplification with more opportunity and reward than ever before.

● Express new vitality and pride in your work, achieve with intensity, do what you love, and easily align your portfolio with your values, ideals, ethics, beliefs, goals and dreams.

● Safety and security with problem awareness, strategic options and counter-measures. Learn how to maximize the higher purpose in problems for learning, perspective, awareness, better habits and decisions to achieve and excel.

● Learn how globalists, financial institutions, stock markets and wealth management companies work against true values.

● Discover and utilize resources and capabilities to empower the individual, nation state sovereignty, freedom of choice, free enterprise, industry, family, community and the kind of future and quality of life that is awesome, exciting and happy.

Strategy in action - Can you imagine to :
● Find out how powerful awareness, relevant options and persistent dedicated actions can change your experiences and achievements to fulfill your personal destiny. Build a secure solid resource base with purpose, vision, value and providence for what is most important.

● Easily optimise freedom of choice and free enterprise to produce a greater quality of life, an exciting new world of opportunity to exercise creative faculties, advanced capabilities and strategic resources with traditional and leading edge operations and thinking.

● Direct and maintain capital and resources towards a specific city, town, region or national endeavour, with strategic advantage, opportunities and real evident progress with high value added careers in design engineering, manufacturing, technology, products and services.

● Join a network of people with common vision, ideals and values working in a co-operative environment of co-development, local and national economics and shared vision that will help you achieve your goals, enable new experiences offer incredible opportunities no where else.

● Prosper with secure growth and revenues in small and medium enterprise, products and hot commodities, sustainable resource management, effective capital management and the brilliant and productive people that make it happen for thrilling portfolio performance.

● Discover how easy it is to capitalize on the 70% of the economy that fueled by consumer spending and also commercial markets and secure supply chain infrastructure.

● Find out about financial, non-financial and even non-investment options that promote private enterprise, new jobs, careers, products, services, technology and innovation with all kinds of business options in this part of the world that can save and make you money!

● Be active in nation building, economic nationalism, with a focus directed to jobs, careers, growth and innovation with a revitalized industrial and economic base energized for productivity and profitability.

● Confident action, empowered ambition, strategic planning and operational capabilities, assertive, constructive and pro-active lifestyle and mindstyle.

● A mutually beneficial environment with co-operative endeavours build upon a solid foundation of values, ideals, financial, intellectual and resource capital to make progress.

● Excel with powerful problem solving solutions, experience a brighter perspective with possibilities that intrigue, challenge and engage your faculties of creative imagination to achieve goals and succeed.

● Exploring the vast landscape with us that offers long term growth, dedicated purpose and action, intelligent strategic capabilities, a comprehensive vision, optimistic outlook, energized and effective effort with magnified logistics to do more than just dream.

● Personal destiny and the invisible variable provision of unlimited possibilities for personal, professional, career, business and spiritual development for a custom made alternate reality.

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