CVI Membership Advantage

  • Capital Vault Incorporated = Strategic Advantage.
  • The CVI-OS 1.0 dynamic open source operating system
  • A pro-active, self directed private membership.
  • The pre-eminent Made in Canada programs.
  • Leadership in innovative business and capital solutions.
  • Amplify and direct wealth generating power.
  • Solid and secure asset management and protection.
  • Optimize private and public opportunities.
  • Optimize private companies and business options.
  • Dedicated private investment, acquisition and buying group.
  • Save, develop, acquire, generate revenue and succeed.
  • Optimize intellectual capital, time, resources & opportunities.
  • Create new wealth, build assets and deploy resources.
  • Achieve goals with relevant options for mission success.
  • Problem solving network of members and resources.
  • Continuous improvement and operational excellence.
  • Develop your awareness, perspective and understanding.
  • Transform your life and express the best of who you are.
  • no credit check or credit reporting ever!
  • hard currency enabled
  • zero SIN/SSN required
  • zero information exchange
  • zero limiting discriminatory Accredited Investor status policies
  • zero economic and credit discrimination
  • pre-eminent CVIx Strategic Risk Management
  • zero electronic communications easily enabled
  • directed to prosperity, independence, freedom and private property
  • Canada and Canadians first, not last if ever...
  • Stand on guard for Canada with Made in Canada & Product of Canada!
  • Economic Nationialism !!!
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