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Elements of Surprise

Elements of Surprise [download : Elements_of_Surprise.pdf ]

Capital Vault Incorporated is dedicated to the development of enterprise, resources and capital, that offer massive dynamic advantage concerning very important mutual interests, values, priorities, beliefs, goals, vision and many of the everyday concerns, desires and needs of participating members. Various types of private membership options exist as this a co-operative based organization with diversified operations that are useful for general and specific capabilities and logistical efforts. As a result, the following elements are established and included in everything we do;

Our goal is to present dynamic options in innovative enterprise and capital solutions now, with a thoughtful national, industry, technology, product and services enterprise development strategy, to provide greater challenging and rewarding opportunities that contribute to the personal, career, business and financial success of our members with an energized, intriguing and satisfying quality of life.

Additionally, making worthy, noble and beneficial contributions to high powered national infrastructure, productivity, performance and opportunities in both competitive and co-operative markets with joint ventures, business combinations, initial organizations, strategic enterprise development and a range of strategic operations with a "Buy, build, save & invest-Made in Canada eh!" approach as a priority for amplified vitality with excellent opportunities for work, careers development of trades, projects, industry and professional life.

Together, are actions are generators and promotors of socio-economic vitality of a community, developing and organizing more useful and interesting possibilities for member participation in immediate and long term beneficial programs, projects and dynamic enterprise with magnified potential in creating a whole lot more opportunity than ever before.

We exercise vision in wide spectrum policy development and tasking to develop programs advancing national economic prosperity with pro-active networks focused to amplify the ability to generate sustainable cash flow, profitability, enhanced revenue stream generation, secure supply line development, high quality innovative technology, products and services, augment and enhance saving, spending and investment power based on comprehensive and advantageous values, planning and logistics with strategic resource deployment directed to more valuable enterprise and successful mission completion. A magnificent vision!

We work to establish and promote environments conducive for creative imagination, learning, skill and character development, with state of the art experimental and applied research in general and advanced technology development, provisions for risk and liability management, tangible and intangible rewards, total infrastructure and logistics for enhanced productivity, new wealth generation with corresponding self-directed asset and portfolio management, fortified and reinforced with ultimate asset protection to make, keep, protect, maintain and manage it. This makes things a whole lot more interesting, and once you get the hang of it, you will wonder how the secrets of the universe have been so well hidden from you. Of course, the augmented capacity to think and act strategically, is not for everyone. Not everyone has that assertive confidence, need, desire, understanding, realization or sense of urgency, that's ok.

Generate greater resource deployment, commitment and investment in people, specific industries, companies, technology, products, services and the environment, that adds to the quality of life, with positive constructive lifestyles and mindstyles, directed to integrity and true values, productivity and quality of life, being dedicated to continuous improvement and expressing the best of who we are in character and personality.

We promote and encourage personal and collective responsibility, solid and reliable character, self management and self-sufficiency, integrity, honesty, altruistic intentions and actions, exercise an industrious work ethic, spend high powered mental energy while optimizing intellectual capital and co-operative co-creative networks, being executives, trustees, directors, investors, managers, stewards, guardians and personnel of any program, project, entity or endeavour, being active members enthusiastically doing and contributing our part of the solution to the best of our ability, taking pride in our work and establishing the tradition and reality of excellence in all our endeavours.

Promote and defend fundamental values of democracy, free enterprise, freedom of association and beliefs, freedom of speech, traditional family values, total health and wealth, private property and institutions, creative faculties of imagination, the accountability of personal and group rights with corresponding responsibilities, express and maintain positive, encouraging, supportive and constructive relationships and the solid building blocks of a free civil society as builders of the new world with optimized national economics.

Generate unified group consensus and actions, augment personal member independence, control, influence and choice of options to diligently and confidently take charge of their life everyday, increase the capacity of awareness, perspective, perception and the realization of a subsequent self evident course of action, with the wise use of power and wealth, to securely stockpile and deploy all forms of capital, utilize options, tools and opportunity effectively and relevantly to maximize potential and ensure productive, purposeful, profitable and energizing use of time, resources and ability.

Promote education, understanding and awareness in global, national and local economic systems, promote pro-active solutions emphasizing new entrepreneurial ventures, private companies, innovative securities, asset protection, ownership, control and management structures, private investment groups, buying groups, co-operatives, acquisition and supply entities and networks, foundations, useful jurisdictions, strategic entities and agreements, portfolio development, self-directed investment and wealth management, intellectual capital, dynamic programs and mutually beneficial projects and endeavours for members and communities concerning positive and constructive socio-economic, technological and environmental advantages with enhanced health and quality of life as alternate realities available by powerful freedom of choice to experience the greatest adventure of all time!

If you liked reading this, appreciate the ideals, values and vision, your choice to get involved and make a difference is important to us. We look forward to establishing a solid long term relationship to build great things together, an advanced civilization with an awesome quality of life that is available with amazing CVI-Options and powerful freedom of choice.
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