Program Options - CVIx_Strategic Programs

The Strategic Program Options are available through the work of the Strategic Operations Group. The corresponding benefits, capabilities and opportunities are translated through the various membership options depending on your personal, business or enterprise requirements, interests, choices and course of action and contain comprehensive detail.

Members can contribute to the Strategic Programs directly and also benefit from their integration with the CVI-Options.

Any combination of programs are possible, each one dedicated to specific solutions and operational capabilities, with related accounts and even more options for companies, entities, organizations and associations, in addition to what is presented and available directly by Capital Vault Incorporated.

Capital Vault Incorporated may act directly or on behalf of any member of the Strategic Operations Group with complete discretion, confidentiality, secrecy and within the provisions of permitted disclosure in communications conducive towards the main goal, purpose, mission tasking, development or other program, projects and various options, including any proposals forwarded to the participating members.

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